Geo Private Clients Cyber Cover

Over 60% of UK residents have had their personal information stolen

With the rise of connected homes and insureds living their lives on multiple devices, individuals are thirty times more likely to be robbed online than in the home.  This fact, coupled with multiple conversations with brokers about the need for both insurance protection and prevention tools led Geo Private Clients to launch its own Household policy in February 2018, the first in the market to include a full cyber insurance package and market leading cyber-crime prevention tools as standard.

 We worked with cyber-crime prevention experts, DynaRisk, to ensure our mid and high-net-worth clients get the cover that they and their families really need. 

Our cover includes;

   — Cyber Assistance

   — Cyber Crime Cover

   — Cyber Legal Defence

   — DynaRisk Pro


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Personalised cyber response

DynaRisk Pro provides the insured with a cyber security score, similar to a credit score, out of 999 and gives them advice on how to improve their score and protect their devices from cyber-attacks.  When cyber-attacks happen, they happen fast and with an immediate impact.  Our claims response is highly personalised; when a client calls the claims number a panel of experts convene and conference call the client within 2 hours to discuss the incident and the best solution.